Coloring The World

smiling planet coloring bookThe mom and pop team behind Smiling Planet has a line of totally adorable melamine-free tableware for kids that we’ve already introduced you to, that are pretty, safe and eco-positive. And now from The Deane family comes something just as new and just as cool: The same illustrations we loved on the plates, only in a whimsical coloring book with meditating cats and dogs.

Yes, meditating cats and dogs.

The book is called everyone dreams of peace even
when they don’t
, and I think Freddy Deane puts it best: “You can read it. You can color it. You can draw in it. You can even make a banner with it. Some people call that emotional intelligence. We just call it fun.”

Indeed. –Barbara

Find eco-friendly dishware tees for kids, the new coloring book everyone dreams of peace even when they don’t and more, online from Smiling Planet.

Barbara Card Atkinson is a California based freelance writer, and a former Cool Mom Picks contributor.


  • Reply May 12, 2010

    Emily Lennox

    Thank you for the great review! We’re excited about our coloring book too!

  • Reply May 12, 2010

    carrie meadows

    Yes! I have been looking for NON-Melamine plates for my toddler.

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