Exercise baby’s memory, crave fudge ripple

Handmade fabric memory game with ice cream themeI scream, you scream, we all scream for… well, okay, I lied. I didn’t scream over these adorable soft ice cream-festooned beanbags, but I did squeal just a little bit.

The Baby Gardner brings us
Lisa Bacigalupi’s exclusive hand-stitched take on the traditional memory match game: 16 beanbags, 8 different pairs of matching cones, 1 muslin bag to store it all in, 100% chance of delight. This one is pretty to look at, soft and interesting for little fingers, and guaranteed to last longer than a flimsy deck of cards.

This isn’t the item to grab when you need a cheap, generic gift, of course, but as an heirloom-quality baby’s first birthday gift that is both beautiful and will get hours and hours of use? Perfect. -Mir

Get this adorable ice cream beanbag memory match game from The Baby Gardner.

Mir Kamin is a prolific writer, the author of the popular blogs Woulda Shoulda and WantNot.net, and a former contributor to Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech.

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  • Reply May 14, 2010

    Andy Leigh

    So cute! My son LOVES bean bags so these would be perfect. We could also detour him with them the next time he sabotages a game of cornhole :)

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