Charlie Hope’s latest CD puts us to sleep

World of Dreams lullaby CD by Charlie HopeI thought I was past the whole need-for-a-lullaby thing until my five year old started whispering I’m Scared into my ear every night at 2AM. Now, I think he needs a little Charlie Hope crooning into his ear from her World of Dreams CD, to help chill him out at night.

Charlie’s voice is perfect for lullabies: Soft, gentle and warm like a mama’s hand stroking her little guy’s face. That is, if that mama wasn’t already downstairs trying to clean up the dinner dishes. I’ve tried lying down and listening to it with him, but her lullabies affect me like an Ambien.

Trust me, this is a way cooler baby gift than those lullabies that turn hard rock into muzak.

I discovered Charlie’s lushly gorgeous voice on her debut CD, I’m Me! As with that first release, World of Dreams is unabashedly a children’s CD–no wink-wink lyrics or indie 80’s riffs thrown in for us parents. Just sweet lyrics that express all those loving sentiments we all try to tell our kids. But I’ll let Charlie Hope put these words to music since my son’s already told me that my voice is scarier than whatever is under his bed. -Christina

You’ll find Charlie Hope’s World of Dreams on the Charlie Hope website. I love this CD so much, I even recommend it as one of five lullaby CD’s in our Baby Shower Gift Guide.

Congratulations to Spinach Breath (heh), lucky winner of an autographed copy of Charlie Hope’s World of Dreams!


Senior Associate Editor Christina Refford loves homeschooling, running, cool kids’ music, and coffee. Not in that order.


  • Reply May 19, 2010


    I was recently gifted with a Rockabye lullaby CD (the Coldplay version) and thought it was very cool. After seeing and hearing Charlie’s CD, I am inspired to start a lullaby CD collection. Love her soft, soothing voice…I’ll be purchasing this CD!

  • Reply May 20, 2010


    I recently purchased Charlie’s I’M ME CD on iTunes and I love the fact that the lyrics can appeal to both children and adults and her music is definitely not for just kids!!! I think kids need to hear and appreciate “real” music too and her CD’s great!!

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