Target scores two new celebrity baby clothes collections.

baby buggy for targetIt used to be that celebrities went and made their own line of exercise tapes (yes, tapes), or salad dressings or bad handbags. I’m so glad to see that now some of them are getting into the children’s apparel business, with some decent results. In fact, two new lines just launched at Target today at such great prices, parents are going to be thrilled.

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petunia picklebottom for targetFirst off, Baby Buggy, Jessica Seinfeld’s
excellent NY based charity supporting families in need, has teamed up
with Target to create a small Baby Buggy for Target line of baby clothes featuring different designers.

The designs in the boy’s collection are particularly
adorable (love the stripes!) featuring illustrations from
Maira Kalman. The quality is decent for mass-produced
clothes, and the prices are unreal – $3.99 for a bodysuit or a two-pack
of cute cotton baby caps.The standout of the line however may be the absolutely adorable pair of cute diaper bags designed by mom favorite Petunia
(right) for just $49.99.

But the best part: 10% of the
purchase price on all these items goes right back to the Baby Buggy charity, up to a half-million dollar donation. Sweet.

little seed for targetFor a few dollars more you can also score organic layette
basics by The Little Seed for Target. The brainchild of Soleil Moon
Frye and Page Goldberg Tolmach, the line features solid basics
for those babies who have sworn off pastels. A bright, bold orange cap and
booties set can be had for just $8.99 (at right), or a vibrant hooded towel for

I haven’t seen them in person myself yet, but they look like decent basics, if not inspiring in their styling. However at these prices, if they’re as soft and cozy as the descriptions, I’d imagine a lot of new moms
will be wrapping their wet babies in fuchsia this summer.

Just grab some now, if you’re expecting. Both Baby Buggy and The Little Seed for
Target are limited time lines, and by next year they may only be
available on eBay. Or in your sister’s hand-me-down pile. –Liz

Find baby clothes and gifts
from the new, limited time Baby Buggy
for Target
and The
Little Seed for Target
lines between now and October, 2010. Plus they qualify for free shipping at on orders $50+.

Congratulations to Israel Y, lucky winner of goodies from the Baby Buggy for Target collection!

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  • Reply July 4, 2010


    Awesome!! I don’t have babies myself anymore; but do have grandbabies. I LOVE Target, they’ve done such a great job at re-branding and providing more upscale items. I’m sure these new lines will compliment everything very well.

  • Reply July 4, 2010


    I think I entered this before, but the new requirement to jump into a topic to me is really annoying and burdensome to the extent that I actually visit the site much less frequently now. Takes too long. I like the products and commentary and would prefer if you would go back to having the entire piece on one page, only requiring scrolling down which you hvae to do anyway.

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    Reply July 5, 2010

    Cool Mom Picks

    Thanks for your feedback Becky.

    In a world where most contest entries on blogs require all sorts of Facebook-favoriting, Twitter-following, and general hoop-jumping, we think our requirements are pretty reasonable and allow the greatest number of people to enter with fairly little effort on their end.

  • Reply July 5, 2010


    Darn it, NOW Target has PPB-style diaper bags, right when there might be light at the end of my tunnel of diapering! Where were they 18 mos ago!! :-)

    “They’re stamped “sample” on the inside but no one will see it, promise.”
    Maybe the lucky winner will be named “Sample” – prelabeled! It’s all good.

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