Protecting little heads from UV rays, chlorine, and parabens too

so cozy protective conditioning mistI’m not one for fussing with my girls’ hair too much – if we remember to brush it in the morning that’s a good day. But I do know that the poor kids have inherited my frizzies, coupled with their dad’s thin hair, which is a great combo, especially in the summer.

So Cozy has a nice protective
conditioning mist with sunscreen
that we’ve loved using this
summer. I can just spray it on their hair after the bath, but because of
the sunscreen, I think it’s best to keep in your beach bag or diaper
bag for some extra application to protect their scalps when the sunhats
come off in the water. The travel-size
is perfect for that. It’s a leave-in conditioner, so no need
to rinse, and rest assured their products are all paraben-free.

For tackling chlorine and salt water, I’ve also liked using So Cozy’s Swimmers
which I found at a local Ricky’s. It smells
like green apple, so between that and the coconut-scented conditioner,
my kids are like one delicious, element-protected fruit salad. –Liz

Find paraben-free hair products for kids online at Ricky’s

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