Cute catches from the celebrity safari

hooded baby towelWe’ve just discovered a high-end line of ultra-luxe baby towels and accessories beloved by Brangelina, TomKat, and loads of other celebrity couples with
two names that get put together to form one name in the press, which is completely annoying.


Giraffe is not an African safari, but at least you don’t have to
deal with giant mosquitoes and predators in its pursuit. Unless you count
paparazzi as predators. Based in Los Angeles, their Towel” href=”″>Luxe Hooded Towel,
which comes in several sweet colors of 100% cotton terry. (There’s
nothing that makes me smile like a chubby naked toddler running around
post-bath with teddy bear ears.)

They’ve also got blankets,
lovies, pillows, more towels, and even adult cover-ups, which is code
for the softest bathrobe I’ve ever seen.

So if you’re looking to
bag the perfect trophy for the next baby shower, we wish you happy
hunting. For a baby bunting. Heh. -Delilah

Find luxury Little Giraffe online at shops like Petit Tresor and a smaller selection at Land of Nod


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