Wallpaper gets unbelievably cool. No really. Why are you laughing?

In the ’70’s my mom went absolutely berserk with wallpaper. It was everywhere; the walls, the ceilings, even the inside of our kitchen cabinets. Then, for a long time, wallpaper was considered very dated. Well guess what, baby, it’s back with a vengeance! And it’s cool. I swear. 

The Mini Moderns wallpaper collection
features vintage meets modern graphics that are a completely hip and
simple way to turn your kid’s room into a space with atmosphere.

The collection features really lovely color combinations like Battery Square (shown) that’s powder blue and light gray. The graphics are
dynamic without being “Oh my God this is giving me a headache.”

All the designs are created by London based design company Absolute Zero Degrees, who not only bring their whimsical ideas to all their textiles (check out their rugs, tote bags, and even china),
but they insist that they only work with local UK companies, both to
support local businesses and make sure they are manufactured in a
sweatshop free environment. Wait ’til I tell my mom!–Betsy

Grab your currency converter and check out the Mini Moderns wallpaper collection at Minimoderns.com.

[via small magazine]

Betsy Cadel is a blogger and marketing consultant, and a former contributor to Cool Mom Picks


  • Reply August 5, 2010

    The Souper

    Liz, saw you on Today Show. Great segment.
    Glad Blogger was mentioned also as I am new to foodblogging and use Blogger.

    Sent you a congrats on Twitter also :)

  • Reply August 5, 2010


    I agree wallpaper is getting much better in terms of designs..
    Recently papered over my lovely painted walls with some pretty funky wallpaper that looks almost gothic but it sets the dark wooden floor of really well

    unfortunately the wallpaper cost me approx £26 ( just shy of $22 ) for 1 roll !

    Looks cool though :)


  • Reply August 5, 2010

    Megan Stremick

    I grew up with wallpapered bedrooms and bathrooms–my mom was really into floral everything. Now that i’m grown and married with a baby my house has not one floral pattern and not one piece of wallpaper and i’ve been very proud of that. However, after reading about the new wallpaper trend i am seriously reconsidering it–maybe i will test is out in a bathroom first.

  • Reply August 5, 2010

    Allison East

    I love wallpaper. Sounds funny to say that but I do. I remember the ones my mother had in her house growing up and I kinda miss them. I have tried to wallpaper but it didn’t work out well. I think I’ll just stick with stencils, tape, and stamps to make patterns on my walls.

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