LEGO Man! To the coloring rescue!

lego man crayonsWhen I saw these LEGO Man crayons. I fell in love. I’m not sure what to do with them exactly, but that’s never stopped me from loving an item (or some men) before. I’m thinking party favors, a new big brother/sister gift for a toddler, stocking stuffers for a family of five. They do come five to a pack after all.

Shipping is a flat rate $4.95 at Palmer Cash so make sure you buy enough to make it worth your while. You could always throw in a few of the super cool Star Wars crayons or  Batman crayons too. Hm, I wonder who’d win in a crayon fight? I’m guessing LEGO Man, but only because Batman is just a head.  –Liz

Find the LEGO Man crayons and other fun little gifts at Palmer Cash

[via house of jelly – a fabulous new style blog. check it out!]

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    LOVE! For some reason, the link is not working…

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    Nicole M.

    These don’t seem to be available anymore. :o(

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    I am planning a Lego party for my son in 2 weeks and I bought the mold that they used for these crayons on the official Lego site if anyone wants to make their own its really easy (but they are not oven proof, you just melt the crayons in something else and pour into the molds). I am going to use mine with yellow candy melts to make cupcake toppers.

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