Web Coolness – A diy teacher gift, 25 mom must-haves, and will.i.am rocking ses.a.me street.

Homemade teacher gift: apple bouquet, from Make and TakesHere are some things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you will too.

A sweet idea for your child’s new teacher: Apple bouquets, from Make and Takes.

We love seeing the decor on the set of the show Parenthood, courtesy of Ohdeedoh.

On Babycenter, Kristen shares the cutest new baby bath toy.

Love Sherri Reed’s post on The Stir about hosting a dirty house dinner party. (Now that’s one we can aspire to!)

Our friends at Mommy Poppins suggest three great books for contrarian loving kids. No, Eloise is not on there.

Compelling post on ParentDish from Lenore Skenazy about not being afraid to walk your kids to school.

How can you not adore seeing will.i.am singing about strength on Sesame Street? (via Lil’ Sugar)

25 products that will save your life (proverbially speaking of course), from Stroller Traffic. We love so many of them!

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