Indie lullabies? That would be a yes.

Sing Me to Sleep lullaby CDGoing back a few years, I held fast to the belief that if I was going to be stuck out of my bed in the middle of the night rocking an infant, I deserved to play a little night music that would be awesome and make us both (oh please, oh please) fall asleep.

So when a bunch of indie musicians got together to make a compilation lullaby CD, I took notice on behalf of those you who will soon find yourself rocking, rocking, rocking the night away.

The result is Sing Me To Sleep – Indie Lullabies which brings together a whole slew of musicians to make the kind of music cool parents–and their cool babies–will want to hear at 2 AM. And even though I no longer have a clue who is at the cutting edge of indie music, I feel right at home with this eclectic mix of voices covering songs from a variety of genres.

Rest assured these aren’t indie rock hits reinterpreted as musak and marketed as lullabies. Nor is it hipster music that’s trying to hard for its own good. This really is lovely music.

Chances are, you’ll recognize The Rainbow Connection which is beautifully performed here by Trespassers William, as well as the spot-on cover of Pure Imagination by The Rest. I also adore the smooth Moon River from Tanya Donelly whose voice sounds perfect here. But my favorite songs on the CD aren’t lullabies at all, even if the lyrics make my ears prick up a bit. Pete Seeger’s Little Boxes is covered here by The Real Tuesday Weld and its message against conforming in suburbia is about as punk as you’ll ever hear on a lullaby CD. Great for all the urbanites who have resisted the lure of the minivan.

Along with all the voices featured here, what makes my heart happy is that all proceeds from the CD’s sales go to The Valerie Fund, a non-profit that provides support for kids with cancer and blood disorders. May this CD help them rest easier too. -Christina

You can hear samples and purchase Sing Me To Sleep-Indie Lullabies at our affiliate Amazon. And if you want a copy with a handful of bonus tracks not available on the regular release, check out this link at American Laundromat Records.


Senior Associate Editor Christina Refford loves homeschooling, running, cool kids’ music, and coffee. Not in that order.


  • Reply September 18, 2010


    I LOVE IT. Thank you for posting this! It is surely to be an instant hit in my house, where we have been desperately searching for music that everyone likes to hear. Thank you thank you!

  • Reply September 18, 2010

    Heather Hamilton

    Thanks for posting – I just purchased it and I have a feeling it will become a favorite around here! :)

  • Reply September 18, 2010


    Love that you guys found this! Stars on a lullaby album. Perfect.

  • Reply September 20, 2010

    Kate Garchinsky

    Thanks for the lovely review, Christina! So happy you enjoyed it.

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