Now that’s my kind of tea party

Zoe Organics Baby Bath TeaI don’t get to take a bath in my Jacuzzi tub very often, mainly because it’s full of tiny little teacups and saucers and one random pink pig who, I’m told, likes hot chocolate and cake. My kids have pretty much taken over the tub that made me want to buy the house in the first place.

But now I’m turning the tables on their daily tea party. I’m turning them into the tea, with the awesome Organic Baby Bath Tea from eco-conscious Zoe Organics which is one of my favorite bath products ever.

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Each unbleached muslin sachet of Organic Baby Bath Tea holds a delicate and
delicious-smelling mix of calming herbs, oatmeal, and cocoa butter. Run
warm bath water, toss in your kids, and give them a sachet to play with.
The water is infused with a cleansing, moisturizing, and
anti-inflammatory tea of lavender, chamomile, and calendula, and your
children get to have innocent fun that makes their skin feel and smell

I’ve got a boy prone to diaper rash and a preschool girl
with skin sensitivity issues. And this tea is soothing for both of
them. It’s been great for me, too, since you know I simply could not give you a
review without trying the tea myself. I also love that 10% of each purchase is donated to the White Ribbon Alliance to support safe motherhood–one of CMP’s all time favorite charities.

I can’t recommend this product highly enough, but I can
recommend getting rid of the kiddie toys before indulging, because it’s hard to
relax with a tiny pink pig staring at you.~Delilah

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Congratulations to Lindsay R, lucky winner of a 10-pack of Zoe Organics Baby Bath Tea!


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  • Reply September 22, 2010

    Kelly P.


    Looks fantastic! Hope my 6 month old can be floating in tea by this time next week!

  • Reply September 22, 2010


    This product sounds lovely, but probably should not be used too often as lavender can stimulate estrogen receptors. There’s a lot of garbage pseudo-science about this on the web, but here’s a link to a summary by the National Institutes of Health of a peer-reviewed case study.

    There are plenty of other lovely-smelling things to wash our little ones with.

  • Reply September 22, 2010

    Heather Hamilton

    Hi Renee,

    Thanks for your comment and concern about the safety of little ones. When I heard about this study, I too was concerned. However, further research, and a little common sense led me to the realization that this study was very flawed. Lavender (and tea tree) essential oil has been used safely for thousands of years, without evidence of estrogen mimicry. Here is my favorite response to this question by chemist, Stephanie Greenwood, of Bubble & Bee.

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