Everything is better with a gorilla

Everything Is Better With a GorillaHaving small children underfoot can make even the simplest task complicated and/or maddening. But did you ever think that having a gorilla around could help bring much-needed balance and tranquility to your life?

Okay. Fair enough. Me neither– until now.

Everything Is Better With a Gorilla
is a fun book that explores just a few of the millions of activities
that can be improved by the addition of a gorilla. From spelunking to
grilling to conducting a surveillance operation, gorillas bring
strength, patience, and ninja-like sandwich making skills to any

Wait. You think I’m kidding, don’t you? Nope. It’s a
real book, and it’s even endorsed by Koko, the famous gorilla who
learned sign language.

I’m not quite sure how to categorize it, though; it’s written for adults, but my kids love the sweet pictures. It
combines facts with humor in a way that will appeal to teens, a bachelor
uncle, or a husband who needs something to read at the kitchen table.
Maybe it would be best to say it’s for adults who like to giggle. I
think it would make a great “Thinking of you” or “Make a new mom smile”
gift, along with a batch of homemade banana bread. Which would be even
better if baked with the help of a talented gorilla friend.~Delilah

You can find Everything Is Better With a Gorilla by Andrew Gall at local bookstores or through our affiliate, Amazon.


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