Web Coolness – Halloween pumpkin decoupage, weird foods, and the magic of daddies

Here are some things we’ve liked reading around the web this week – we hope you will too.

halloween pumpkin decoupage

Make and Takes has a fun tutorial to decoupage a Halloween pumpkin – great for kids who aren’t yet ready for carving knives.

At Slashfood, a fun story on weird foods kids love

NASA and Etsy – an unlikely pair? They’re partnering to host a space-themed crafts contest that looks out of this world. (Couldn’t resist.)

As we start to think holiday gifts (eek) a smart discussion on Design Mom about families’ Christmas gift rules.

Bullying is big news right now – Parents has some great tips and expert advice on dealing with bullying.

On Babycenter, one of the cutest new baby books from one of our favorite design studios.

A sweet article at Babble about father-daughter relationships.

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