A plant a day keeps… um… me entertained and educated?

plant of the dayI don’t subscribe to many things online because I hate spam– but I do make exceptions. For Cool Mom Picks newsletters, for example. And now, for the free Plant of the Day email by Your Garden Show.

See, I have a black thumb and a very green brain. But I love the fun plant facts from former Better Homes and Gardens Garden Editor Mark Kane that now arrive in my inbox, and I’d imagine a lot of parents, educators and general horticulture fans will love it too.

I signed up for Plant of the Day
myself, just to make sure it wasn’t obnoxious. And now I look forward
to it, because they choose genuinely interesting tidbits to pass on.
There’s also a link in every email to a blog posts containing planting
information, fun facts, videos, and links on that day’s chosen plant. My kids are too young to appreciate this info, but I can see elementary
school kids getting a kick out of plant emails that are easy-to-read and
downright fun.

I can’t grow my own veggies, and I probably don’t eat enough
of them, but I now have a goal: To  become the Trivial Pursuit expert for
vegetative matters.~Delilah

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  • Reply October 24, 2010


    Very cool! I signed up, but if it inspires me to try more in my garden next year (when I was barely able to tend the garden we had this year ’cause I got pregnant just as things were starting to be harvest-able), my husband will not be pleased.

  • Reply October 24, 2010

    Eco Mama

    This is Great! Thanks for the tip, will pass it on.
    Eco Mama

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