Last minute Thanksgiving recipes? Don’t panic!

Pioneer WomanThat growing anxiety I feel is because Thanksgiving is right around the corner, like a really long race I have to run and if I down, I’ll never catch up again. Luckily, there are some food-tastic sites and bloggers who are a great help to you in your final hours of prep (and borderline panic).

For quick tips, last minute recipe ideas and even an impressive no-hassle dessert to bring to the inlaws, we’ve rounded up just a few of our faves around the web this week.

Sometimes we need some serious Food 101 help. For how-tos, or tips like what to do if you are missing twine for the trussing, check out Chow’s Tips videos.

lemon thyme bruschettaThe Kitch’n Has a whole category of recipes for Thanksgiving including this super easy–and delicious–Lemon Thyme Bruschetta (right). Total prep time about 15 minutes tops.

Need a veggie side dish? The much beloved Ree Drummond (shown above) of Pioneer Woman, serves up a Green Bean Casserole that looks like a lot of ingredients, but really, it’s just fresh beans, bacon and a cheesy white sauce.

Once you’ve peeled the little pearl onions onions, the sweet and sour onions recipe from Hank Shaw on Simply Recipes looks..well, simple. And really impressive.

chanterelle salad from steamy kitchenJaden at Steamy Kitchen shares four of her favorite Thanksgiving recipes but the one that makes a smart use of the fall bounty might be her chanterelle, bacon and plum salad with blue cheese (left). All it takes is a trip to the gourmet store. (Part of why we love her: “Oh honey, there’s no substitute for the bacon. Do ten pushups tomorrow.”)

ingredients (five if you include the salt), almost no prep time, and a
way to have those sweet potatoes with nary a marshmallow in sight:
Melissa Clark’s Roasted Balsamic Sweet Potatoes at Epicurious.

Gluten-free butternut squash pie for ThanksgivingIf you’ve got folks going gluten-free at your holiday shindig, fear not. This super easy Gluten-free Butternut Squash Pie recipe (right) looks delicious, courtesy of Wasabimon.

For easy appetizers, remember that simple can look as thought-out as
something with lots of frills. Put out some good crackers, a wedge of
brie and a good goat cheese, and some grapes or little bowls of
marinated olives and smoked almonds. No one will
ever think, “Huh, she could have made fluted asiago cheese straws, if only she had the time and energy.”

And if
miss making dessert, or need to compensate for a dropped pumpkin
pie–hey, it happens–here’s some thoughts: Grab a pound cake from the grocery store bakery
(no one goes for pound cake on Thanksgving – they’ll be sitting there,
forelorn), a bag of frozen whole strawberries or mixed berries, and a
can of whipped cream. Thaw the berries in a wide, shallow pan, sprinkled
with sugar, or defrost in the microwave. Let them get all syrupy. Serve on thick slices of cake, which you may have
drizzled with some leftover Drambuie (from last year’s attempt at making
truffles), top with whipped, and serve by candlelight.
the holiday season is a marathon, not a sprint. Stretch, hydrate, pace
yourself, and try to slow down enough to enjoy the scenery. Happy
Thankgiving! - Barbara

Barbara Card Atkinson is a California based freelance writer, and a former Cool Mom Picks contributor.

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