Glamour Mom Nursing Tank Tops
I spend almost all of my breastfeeding hours in Glamour Mom nursing tanks and I have the credit card bills to show it. But with their new private sales member club you can now score between 30-70% off these awesome breastfeeding tops.

If you’re not familiar with Glamourmom tanks, they
are a comfortable, cotton stretch tank tops with a supportive nursing bra that’s smartly fit inside. It’s pure nursing wear genius, really. But
unlike many of then nursing tanks out there, they come in a variety of
styles – tanks that work under another shirt with more bra-like straps
or ones you can wear alone. They’ve even got extra long tanks that cover
the post partum belly and elastic waisted maternity pants – my personal
faves. Now keep in mind that if you’re an extra
buxom nursing mom, they might not do the best in keeping the girls at
attention, but consider them for a few months post partum when things
have settled a bit.

And seeing how long I spent in these
nursing shirts, I was more than willing to pay full price and boy did
I. But if you’re not a fan yet, it’s the perfect time to try them out.
And if you already are a Glamourmom lover, well, what are you waiting
for? Join their sales club for free now and score some awesome deals! -Kristen

Join the Glamourmom private sales member club for free. Keep in mind, sizes and styles are limited, and all sales are final. And a little helpful hint: Make sure you fill out the form carefully. If you mess up, it’ll erase almost all of your responses and you’ll have to start again.