Just Shorn – Beautiful rugs from farmers, not factories

just shorn rugsI have never been a fan of wall-to-wall carpeting. Maybe it’s a factor of living in New York, where hardwood flooring is the standard, but I find a great area rug not only looks sharp, it’s practical when you’ve got kids. It’s easy to clean, and when you decide to throw a three year-old finger painting party, at least you can roll it up temporarily.

So this week, I was so happy to have been introduced to Just Shorn, a fabulous New Zealand company that produces the most beautiful, sustainable wool rugs with a pretty amazing backstory.

The wool is sourced only from top-notch New Zealand farmers taking good
care of their sheep and raising them in an eco-friendly environment. I
even met one of their farmers (what a doll!) who then sends the wool off
to Nepalese artisans who are paid fair wages to hand dye the wool with
eco-friendly colors, then hand-knot them with amazing skill.

Eco-friendly wool rugs from Just ShornAnd yes, they make wall-to-wall carpets too.

Just Shorn’s wool rug designs are so lovely, and the benefits of wool so plentiful, you’ll be hard-pressed to consider a synthetic rug ever again. In fact, I’ve got their catalog in hand right now and it’s marked up with lots of circles and stars. Hm, I just may have a new rug in my future.  –Liz

Learn more about Just Shorn New Zealand Wool on their website, browse their collections, or find a store near you.

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