A kids’ party that gives books back. (Plus: cookies!)

Despite light-up toys, dolls that talk, and, um, iPads, at the end of the day, nothing holds a candle — or backlit touchpad screen — to a good kids’ book. It’s a lesson my 3.5 year-old daughter has already learned, and I’m sure your kids are totally on board with that message, too.
So imagine the joy of this: a big party featuring storytime, glasses of milk and plates of cookies, and — coolest of all — helping get good books into the hands of kids who don’t have any.

Milk + Bookies is a neat charitable organization that facilitates events around the country enabling kids to pick out and purchase books, then
inscribe and donate them to other kids who don’t have books of their own. All while
listening to stories, doing arts and crafts, and course, devouring
milk and cookies.
You can also host your own Milk + Bookies party. I think my favorite kind is the M+B Birthday Party which encourages your birthday kid’s guests to bring
books in lieu of toys. Because while my daughter has learned the “books
are good” lesson already, I’m pretty sure she’ll dig the “books are great to give to kids who need them” lesson, too. -Lexi

Lexi Petronis is a freelance writer, blogger for Glamour.com, editor of Albuquerque Magazine, and former contributor to Cool Mom Picks


  • Reply February 12, 2011


    What an AWESOME idea!!!! We always struggle to come up with gift ideas for the little ones. What a perfect solution!

  • Reply February 14, 2011


    This is a nice idea. My daughter just turned 7 and her party was yesterday. We have been collecting books instead of gifts since she was 4. We donate them to a local charity that organizes various educational programs and services at local homeless shelters. On the party invitations I write: “gifts for (name) are not necessary. If you would like to bring a book to donate …etc.”. Some kids still bring cute little gifts that they proudly wrapped themselves and that is OK but most bring books to donate. My daughter has started asking if we can collect books again when we are planning her party.

    One thing I have experienced is that people don’t always put a card with the donated books. I make sure I take LOTS of photos at the party so I can make a list of attendees and send general thank you notes after the party is over. The RSVP list never really matches the attendee list and I can’t rely on my memory anymore :-).

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