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Juan Pablo Cambariere marionettesHere are some things we’ve liked reading on the web this week. We hope you will too.

First, we’re super honored that Cool Mom Picks was chosen as a finalist in the Cribsie Awards for Most Trustworthy Review Site for Parents on the web. Especially considering our impressive fellow nominees include the big (very big) guys. Wow. Today’s the last day to vote, and if you’re so inclined to support Cool Mom Picks we’d be thrilled.

How great are these upcycled wooden marionettes from Juan Pablo Cambariere? (via small magazine, shown)

On Cool Mom Tech, a cool app for all you Sandra Boynton fans.

Method launches Mickey Mouse soap and it’s pretty darn cute.

Dwell donates to japan

Love the new Blue Star Museums program which gives military families free museum memberships

Slate chronicles the huge popularity of Sophie the Giraffe with moms. (Although we’ve known it for years. ahem.)

Katie Couric investigates the truth behind “getting the sillies out” on Funny or Die and yes, we’re laughing.

If you’re concerned about GMOs in our food watch this video at FearLess Revolution called Moms Fixing Our Food.

Yikes: Troll dolls meet Bratz with this absurd new toy for girls. (ht beth benz-clucas)

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