The paper crown princess

If I had a dollar for every princess themed birthday party I’ve been to, including my daughter’s birthday party…well, I’d be able to pay for our next goodie bags.

If you get suckered into hosting one with the ever-so-popular theme, I love these paper crowns which are so charming and special. They help me envision a new take on the princess party with a more classic than Disney vibe.

Printable paper crowns from Present and Correct
The paper crowns (update: now available at Present and Correct) actually happen to be cards that fold up nicely and come with a matching envelope, all with a cool retro style. With the words “Queen for a Day” or “King for a Day” and a box to write the child’s name. Or adult’s name? Hey, we can be Queens for a day, too.

Speaking of which, Mother’s Day is right around the corner.

Find the printable paper crowns at Present and Correct.

Elizabeth Leach is a freelance writer and a former contributor to Cool Mom Picks

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  • Reply March 20, 2011

    RookieMom Whitney

    My stepmom just cut out an adorable king crown for my son, following about the same shape as the ones you have profiled above, but from holiday wrapping paper. It was so clever, and due to the gold accents on the paper, it looked quite regal.

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