Kids pajamas from Tea Collection lead to very sweet dreams

kids pajamas from tea collectionMy kids have a thing for pajamas the way most kids have a thing for race cars or princess crowns. Each night is an exercise in patience as I wait for them to pick the very perfect pair, then argue about whose is the snowflakes and whether the striped ones can be worn yet another night in a row. Fun for the whole family!

As pajama connoisseurs, I can tell you that an all-time favorite pair hailed from one of Tea Collection’s winter offerings, so I’m thrilled to see them come out with so many more styles this spring.

Tea’s line of kids’ pajamas
is made from that thick, soft pima cotton that’s the perfect weight for
warmer nights but still has some heft to it–no awkward moments when
the kids run out the front door on sunny summer evenings and you realize
the outfit is totally see-through. I adore the orange and white girls’ shorty pajamas
(soooo easy to get kids in and out of quickly) which start at 6 months
and go up to 12 years. But if you’re in cooler climes, there are a couple of
lightweight long-sleeved options too.

The boys’ pajamas are equally cute (dueling tigers!), and equally durable–the one pair we’ve owned has endured two kids and is about to head to a third.

They run a teeny bit big, which is only a problem if you’re some
government regulatory board that thinks kids pj’s should fit like
wetsuits. Frankly, knowing we’ll get more than a few seasons out of them
is just fine by me. –Liz

Find the new line of girls pajamas and boys pajamas online at Tea Collection

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    Absolutely adorable and cuddly. Love them!

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    Thanks for adding the bit about looseness. I have very chunky babies up until about age 2, and the tight pajamas honestly don’t even WORK. Going up a size just means they’re longer, but still so tight I’m cutting off circulation. So then I’m stuck putting cancer-causing flame retardant on my babies. I’ve actually just started putting my kids into regular clothing as jammies, pants and a tshirt and such. Stupid government regulations – there are really cute things out there that we can’t use.

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