Kenmore Elite Dishwasher with LCD
With such limited kitchen space in New York. we need our kitchen appliances sleek, streamlined and pretty. (And our apartment resellable!) So when my terrible dishwasher went on the fritz after a 30 year run, I kind of freaked. On Twitter. And the folks from Kenmore Appliances were there to rescue me.

I will be honest, Sears is not the first place that comes to mind when I think of gorgeous modern kitchen appliances. But gorgeous and modern they are, now keeping up with the high-end brands like Bosch and Miele, only often for a lot less cashola and very decent delivery/installation service.

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Kenmore was so generous as to send the new Kenmore Elite 1404 dishwasher with LCD touchscreen for review (seriously, it was like the Dishwasher Fairy came to visit) and let me tell you, I’m in love. With the look, efficacy, the eco-friendliness–everything.

Being accustomed to a dishwasher so old that the ghosts of Flock of Seagulls and
Kajagoogoo were in there, it was exciting to see what it’s like when our dishes and glassware are actually clean. Funny how a good dishwasher can really wash your dishes and not just splash hot water on them? Evidently an optical soil sensor (futuristic!) plus something
called 360 PowerWash technology gets the spray arm into the corners, so
everything gets sparkly and clean. I can totally see why Consumer Reports reviewed it so favorably.

The best part? This cycles are dead quiet. You literally do not know the thing is
running and will keep checking to see if it actually is. Sweet.

kenmore elite dishwasher
for the LCD screen, it’s super awesome and all Star Trek-y, with tips
and notifications and a help function built right in. It also gives you
have a huge range of cycles including my favorite, the high-effiency
Smartwash. It’s a long cycle, about 2.5 hours, which to me seems
counter-intuitive (shouldn’t an eco wash run less time?) but it
evidently works with 40% of the water of a regular cycle. Because it’s
so quiet, just run it before you go to bed.

It does take some getting used to the idea that you have to enter the
cycle on the LCD display with the dishwasher door open, but you know, it
does keep the kids from playing with it which was my big fear.

The eco thing is important to me so I’m glad to know it’s all Energy
Star qualified and way more efficient than standard washers. Including
our old crappy one. So maybe you can justify the price when you consider
your energy bill savings?

If you can’t however justify the price (**edited to add: The washers are on huge sale starting today!), check on Sears Outlet where the prices can be significantly cheaper–I spotted the exact model for up to $600 less. (Thanks Priceblink.) Or skip the LCD screen technology which is obviously not a necessity, and go for a more affordable model. The 1392 model Kenmore Elite dishwasher is less than half the price, gets outstanding ratings, and has the majority of the same features.

Either way, don’t forget to invest in a good stainless steel appliance cleaner. I
love my dishwasher. Almost as much as my kids love touching it. –Liz

Find a range of pretty pretty Kenmore Elite dishwashers including the Kenmore Elite 1404 dishwasher with LCD touchscreen and other kitchen appliances online at Sears.

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