Easter basket gifts without the Easter basket sugar

Wooden toys for Easter baskets, by TopozooEver since my daughter declared Easter was her favorite holiday, I’ve paid a little extra attention to the gifts I put in her Easter basket. After all, I’m sure the Easter Bunny thinks she’s pretty great.

While Easter is still a few weeks away, I’ve pulled together some of the coolest Easter basket gifts I’ve seen recently for those of you who already have the jelly beans and chocolate bunnies covered.  -Christina

Topozoo’s set of nifty wooden toys (at top) with its bunny and duck 3-D standing figures would be an extra-special addition to my kids’ Easter baskets. They’re not only super cute, they’re eco-friendly and made in the USA.

Colette Kids Beta Bunnyorganic bunny onesie

Clothes like the organic Bunny Onesie from Collette kids or the organic bunny onesie from AnnieWear are so cute, they don’t need to hide in the drawer after Easter is over. And a portion of all the sales at AnnieWear go to animal rescue charities too.

Dumpling Dynasty Bunny Kit

Have a crafty tween? She’d love to have something to do before Easter dinner other than babysitting all her nieces and nephews. I adore this little Easy Sew Bunny Kit from CMP favorite Dumpling Dynasty. Not only is the finished bunny too cute, the reusable tin can hold sewing stuff or other treasures. (at our affiliate Amazon)

maileg bunny dollsblablakids bunny doll

If you want an alternative to the cheap plush bunnies in the card store, here are two sweet options: The sweet bunny doll from Maileg, and one of the two new hand-knit bunny dolls from blablakids,like Balthazar the Magician, shown here.

Green Planet Parties Pony Tail Holders

There is much to love at Green Planet Parties’ eco-friendly Greener Easter Shop, though I’m smitten with this pair of colorful  Easter Egg Ponytail Holders which are small enough to fit in a plastic egg.

Wee Knit Egglets

I can’t pick a favorite from among the many knitted Easter toys and puppets from Wee Knit, though I do love that they’ve come up with a clever offshoot to their much-loved finger puppet: The Nesting Bunny Egglet Family, who would be also cute atop those ubiquitous hardboiled eggs on the dinner table.

For loads of other Easter basket gifts, clothing or treats, please search our archives under “Easter“.


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