It’s sleek, sporty, and goes from backpack to messenger bag in less than thirty seconds. But, unlike those $60,000 convertibles, it won’t mess up your hair, and you probably won’t swallow a bug while using it.

Oh, and it’s called Annie.

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If you’re looking for something stylish to take you from the playground to the airplane to the hiking trails, the cool Annie bag from Ellington
is just the ticket. Made of easy-to-clean nylon, Annie is the right
size for someone who’s done with the gigantic diaper bag but still needs
room for a sippy cup and diapers next to her wallet and Kindle. With
two exterior elasticized pockets, and– actually, a freaky lot of
organizer panels and zip pockets and flap pockets– you should have all
the room you need for well-organized adventure.

I love this
color scheme, which reminds me of Daphne from Scooby Doo, but you can
also get your Annie in turquoise, red, gray, or brown with a zesty pop
of teal. And I really love that converting it from a cross-body or
shoulder bag to backpack involves just a few moments of rethreading the
strap, rather than having to snap an extra strap on or off. It’s the
next best thing to those convertible cars with tops that fold up with
the push of a button.~Delilah

Find the Annie Convertible Tote/Pack at Ellington Travel Handbags.

Congratulations to Darra B, lucky winner of the Annie bag from Ellington!