An idea as smart as a box of books

Blue Manatee box of booksWe joke a lot about how our kids sometimes would rather play with the box a present comes in than the actual present. The thing is… it’s not always a joke. And one company has taken that idea  on, big time.

Blue Manatee Boxes are amazing to their book-filled cores. At the site, you choose from
about a dozen book themes for preschoolers and early readers, like BirthdayBox, BoyntonBox or EcoBox. Pick
a size from 3-9 books, and fill the box with
the books of your choice.

But there’s more. Just as much thought has gone into the non-book parts of this magic box. It’s packed with biodegradable, organic cornstarch packing
peanuts that your kids can fuse together with a sponge (included!) and
cool ideas for using the box when they’re done, plus a crayon to help
them decorate it.
No bells no whistles–just great books and a big box ready for gift-giving. Your kids will add the imagination. -Lexi

Pick out some books for your kid’s Blue Manatee Box and let the fun begin!

Lexi Petronis is a freelance writer, blogger for, editor of Albuquerque Magazine, and former contributor to Cool Mom Picks


  • Reply May 6, 2011


    I. Love. This! I think more companies should be mindful of how their packaging can be reused after its first incarnation. This is great! It teaches kids about repurposing while also stimulating their creativity.

  • Reply May 6, 2011


    Blue Manatee is a fantastic bookstore in Cincinnati. I stop by there every time I’m in that city to find wonderful books for my kids. Love this new idea, though.

  • Reply May 7, 2011


    I think that’s a wonderful idea. I am a book lover and introducing books to youngsters is great. Having the box to play with is priceless!

  • Reply May 15, 2012

    John Hutton

    Thank you for this wonderful review of blue manatee boxes. We have a couple of exciting updates. First, to enhance the joy for older children/siblings, we have added an assortment of Unplugged Classic picture books to our ManaGear section to compliment any box, as well as Feel Better books to help cheer up children under the weather and New Sibling books for helping them welcome a baby. We have also been gradually adding quality, hands-on, sustainably-made toys and plush.

    Finally, we learned last week that we won a Dr. Toy Best Green Products award for promoting reading and creative play in an eco-friendly way.

    Thanks again for your support and stay cool!

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