Cute kids’ underwear, hold the licensed characters

underdoodles children's underwearAs those of us past our post-potty training days (hooray!) can attest, cute underwear is a brilliant incentive for kids to ditch the diapers. But a quick look around your local “we sell six-packs of kids’ underwear” store, and it’s clear that the briefs are either plain white, or thin and flimsy, festooned with images of cartoon characters.

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I am beyond happy to have found Underdoodles, a mom-run shop offering adorable 3-packs of organic cotton kids’ underwear
that not only steer clear of TV characters, they steer clear of
stereotypical imagery. No princess crowns here; instead, find themes
like musical instruments, dinosaurs, space, and sea creatures. The
briefs are organic, printed with eco-friendly dyes, beefy thick, and appropriately high-cut. Plus they
come in a super convenient zippered laundry pouch that lets you separate
the clean from the dirty.

They’re not cheap, so it’s not like you’ll buy 30 packs of them, but
they do make a super cute gift for the newly toilet-ready toddler or a kid heading to camp.

My only complaint: They should make all the designs in all the colors
and not necessarily separate them on the site by sex. My daughter’s
favorite happens to be the blue rocket ships. –Liz

Find adorable organic kids’ underwear online at Underdoodles,

Congratulations to Deborah B!  She won two sets of Underdoodles for one very happy child.  

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  • Reply May 16, 2011

    Allison K

    These do look great — I’ve been looking for new underwear for my daughter that are not flimsy and don’t have characters on them (not easy as you note).

    But I agree with you that they shouldn’t separate by sex. I like the smooth edge of the boys’ pairs, and not the ruffled edge of the girls. Would be nice to see a smooth edge in the girls colors.

  • Reply May 16, 2011


    They’re not cheap is right! Ouch.

  • Reply May 16, 2011


    Fwiw, I TOTALLY agree with your complaint – my son loves the instruments ones, except for the fact that they’re pink!

  • Reply May 16, 2011

    Shannon Longcore

    Those are cute!

  • Reply September 12, 2015

    Wisteria Webster

    There’s really cute toddler underwear from Nawi (sp?). Tighty whities with adorable dinosaurs, matching tops and bottoms. I think they were on Amazon (isn’t everything?). Great for potty training incentives.

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