Leave it to Kate Spade to make you covet a diaper bag

Kate Spade East Meadow Stevie Baby BagThere are a few things that I haven’t really used since having my second kid, and one of them happens to be a diaper bag. I’ve got enough on my hands traveling with four kids; I’d rather not lug all their crap in a gigantic bag too.

But leave it to Kate Spade to make me say something I haven’t said for a long time: I really want this diaper bag.

Maybe it’s because this bag makes me think of a fancy party at the Hamptons that I’ll never get invited to, but I have strong, covetous feelings for the East Meadow Stevie Baby Bag. Complete with loads of pockets, a wipeable lining (practical!), and that essential 14k light gold plated hardware that every mother needs, this preppy gingham printed bag is everything I would want in a non-diaper bag. So why not get it with all the other cool mom-friendly features too?

There’s no way anyone would ever think that it’s a diaper bag I’m carrying; just a swanky Kate Spade. Off to sell my first born (ha!). -Kristen

Purchase the Kate Spade diaper bag at KateSpade.com with free ground shipping on all orders.

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We spend our time looking for cool stuff so you don't have to. Hope this one fits the bill.


  • Reply June 21, 2011


    I absolutely love Kate Spade’s line of baby bags. I treat myself to a new one with each baby. The best thing is that they are pretty versatile; I continue to use the bag after baby is done with it. They make great weekend bags.

  • Reply June 21, 2011


    My sister has a friend who bought one of the diaper bags by Kate Spade as a pocketbook and gave me the changing pad. It is the best one and I usually make sure it will fit in any new diaper bags I buy as I switch it in for the ones that come with the other bags I have. It is one of the largest, thickest ones I have seen, but folds in 1/2 and rolls up and secures with velcro strap. And I have gotten at least 8 diaper bags since my first child. I would love to have a Kate Spade bag but alas cannot afford one and my Hubby would kill me if I bought another one as my youngest is 2 1/2 so now I am looking to totally getting rid of having to carry a diaper bag.

  • Reply June 22, 2011


    I have this in the “Splodge” pattern. I absolutely love it. A woman at the dentist’s office said to me, “Oh, you’re using that as a diaper bag!” So there’s proof that this is actually a baby bag that looks like a purse!

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