Spreading the almond butter love

As someone who has a soft spot for peanut butter (a combination of words that is almost impossible to say when you’re actually eating it), we always have a jar sitting around somewhere. But the more peanuts are disappearing from schools, airplanes, and other public places that kid with peanut allergies might turn up, the more I realized it was time to check out another kind of nut butter.

And this one is wonderful.

Barney Butter is all-natural almond butter made with exactly four ingredients: almonds, evaporated cane juice, palm fruit oil, and sea salt. Per serving, Barney Butter has a few calories less than peanut butter and the same amount of protein. But it packs less than half the saturated fat, twice the vitamin E, and way more calcium. Made in a peanut-free facility, Barney Butter is guaranteed to be entirely without peanuts or peanut particles–which can be life-saving for kids with peanut allergies.

It doesn’t taste exactly like peanut butter–it’s kind of like how a veggie burger doesn’t taste exactly like a regular burger. But it’s still totally yummy.

Lexi Petronis is a freelance writer, blogger for Glamour.com, editor of Albuquerque Magazine, and former contributor to Cool Mom Picks


  • Reply June 22, 2011


    This stuff is AMAZING!!! My kids don’t even know its not PB and it is so much healthier for them. It’s also peanut free so safe for allergy kids. The packs are great in a lunch box and my purse! :)

  • Reply June 22, 2011


    I haven’t tried it but have heard from other allergy moms that this stuff is GREAT tasting and made in a truly peanut-free manner, so perfect for kids who are allergic to peanuts but not tree nuts.
    Unfortunately my daughter’s allergic to both so Barney Butter’s off our shopping list for now, but we do enjoy Sunbutter, which is made from sunflower seeds. That’s another great alternative to nut butters in case you are in a location/school/hosting something and need a spread that’s also safe for people with tree nut (and not just peanut) allergies.

  • Reply June 22, 2011


    This doesn’t help people with allergies, but if you like your almond butter without sugar and palm oil, Trader Joe’s Almond Butter with Flax Seeds is a favorite around here. It’s the only nut butter my daughter will eat. The ingredients are almonds, flax seeds, and salt. That’s it. (It’s not made in a peanut free facility though.)

  • Reply June 25, 2011


    Tried to buy online, but didn’t see a box for the promo code. Will try contacting them directly.

  • Reply June 25, 2011


    Hi Tara! I know Barney Butter addressed your question, but for any other CMP almond buttah lovahs out there, FYI: the promo code box is right on the products page as you’re selecting your product. Oh, and cool news! Now can also get free shipping on orders over $50 or $5 off shipping for orders over $25 (it’s automatically figured into your order). Whoo!

  • Reply June 26, 2011


    Sugar and palm oil? Really? I’m not so sure I can be behind this recommendation. Nut butters without sugar and without filler oils is #1 on our list for what to look for when we buy. There are SO many different kinds of nut butters out there if you want one that is actually healthy (I would contest that the one recommended here is marginally healthy due to the above). Really, no sugar in nut butters is like healthy eating 101. Check out Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods for healthier varieties, and actually Archer Farms brand at Target has some wonderfully delicious nut butters, including almond butter (without sugar and filler oils).

  • Reply July 12, 2011


    I ordered a box of the snack packs from Amazon – free shipping w/Subscribe & Save. I have to say that I prefer the flavor and texture of Justin’s maple almond butter to the plain Barney butter, but since Amazon only sells the Justin’s snack packs in 150-count increments, I’ll deal with the fact that the Barney butter isn’t quite as yummy. It did help me avoid snacking this morning after having a packet with my 100-calorie VitaTop for breakfast, but now I want another packet!

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