Back to school shopping – better lunchbox snacks

Back to School Shopping Guide by Cool Mom PicksWelcome to our second installment of our back to school shopping guide, featuring 8 better lunchbox snacks for your kids.

If you’re like us, lunch packing can be a chore. To say nothing of the trips to the super market aisle in which the kids beg for any single-serving pack made with artificial goo and stamped with a cartoon character on the bag. While we love packing fresh fruit, if you’re looking for more of a treat, these 8 snacks are definitely on the healthier side. 

The next best thing to fruit–gently dried fruit, nothing at all added. The mango is to die for. And the truth is, we keep some in the house just for ourselves.
(from $17 for variety packs at Peeled Snacks, or at stores like Whole Foods)

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Back to school lunches - Yo Drops

Revolution Foods Yo’ Drops.

We described them as a healthy version of NERDS and our kids agree. This crunchable yogurt snack is just awesome.

($3.99 for 5 packs at Ecomo

Back to school lunches - Fruitabu fruit snacks
Made from real fruit, with no artificial sweeteners, these fruit twirls make our kids happy.

(6/$3.29 at Stretch Island Fruit Co.)

Back to school lunches - natural fruit strips
Our kids go crazy for these all natural
fruit strips, with flavors like Summer Strawberry and Mango Sunrise, and
the managable size makes them a not-too-indulgent lunchbox treat.

(8/$2.99 or 30/$13.99 at Stretch Island Fruit Co.)

Back to school lunches - natural gummy bears
Natural Gummy Bears

Yes, candy in the lunchbox is generally for special occasions.
You’ll feel less guilty when they’re these natural koala gummy bears,
hold the HFCS.
(12/$17.54 at our affiliate Amazon or stores like Stop and Shop)

Back to school lunches - Ella's Kitchen Fruit Purees

Ella’s Kitchen and GoGo Squeez
Kids love to squeeze the all-natural fruit purees right into their
mouths. Secret: you can also grab the fruit-veggie mixes and get things
like carrots and beets into their snacktime, too.
 (Ella’s Kitchen $1.79/pouch at Babies R’Us; GoGo Squeez is 12/$34.31 at our affiliate Amazon
Spend a Sunday with the kids making banana bread or monkey bread together. Then they can enjoy it all week long.

Cool Mom Staff

We spend our time looking for cool stuff so you don't have to. Hope this one fits the bill.


  • Reply August 10, 2011


    My kids are freaks for z-bars by cliff bars. They ask for them at least twice a day.

  • Reply August 10, 2011


    I really like the Peter Rabbit Organics pouches. I’m also biased as my kid is their profile pic at the moment. Hahha- but seriously, out of the several different pouch brands, my 10month old twins like those the best. Go figure.

  • Reply August 12, 2011


    Why are you recommending so many fruit leathers and gummies? Those are the WORST for teeth! Even if they are organic.

  • Reply August 12, 2011


    Also dried fruit. Very sticky, high in sugar. Not great for teeth. :(

  • Reply August 21, 2011


    Have to agree with Jennypants, the dried fruit, fruit leather and gummies leave sticky residue and sugars between teeth and cause cavities. Our ped dentist advises against them.

  • Reply September 1, 2011

    Jill Trehan

    I agree those fruit leathers are full of sugar!! I started sending a squeeze pack of almond butter to school with my kids and they LOVE it!! It is called Barney Butter and only has 90 calories. It is peanut free, healthy and very little sugar.

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