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A Street Through Time book for kids

It is rare to find a book that all three of my boys can enjoy together. With such varied interests, I long for something captivating (and non-electronic) that has the ability to sustain their attention long enough for me to take a shower.

DK Publishing has answered my prayers. A Street Through Time
is a beautiful book, and educational to boot. The premise is simple;
each page follows the same street through thousands of years of history
using hyper-detailed illustrations. The book begins with stone age
and each page that you flip takes you to another era in history.

coolest part is explaining to your children that the street you live on
is constantly changing, too. Throw in some Google Maps and you can
really rock their worlds.  All while gaining precious extra
minutes of shower time for
me. -Eva 

A Street Through Time is available from our affiliate Amazon 

Eva Glettner is a lover of street art and skateboarding, the blogger behind Skate Mamas, and a former contributor to Cool Mom Picks

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  • Reply August 22, 2011

    Pat T

    One of my students brought in this book and it was a wonderful way to show children how a place changes over time. It is on my “must buy” list.

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