This fruit puree dispenser will be a kid’s main squeeze

Sili squeeze reusable puree dispenserYou know those great little squeezable fruit and veggie purees that are such perfect, healthy, on-the-go snacks for kids of all ages? Now imagine how much better they’d be if there weren’t any garbage to throw away once the yummy stuff had been slurped out.

What you just imagined right there, that’s what the good folks at The Sili Company have created.

And it’s awesome.

You just fill up the Sili Squeeze-anything
soft, smooth and squishy will do–cap it, and you’re good to go. It’s
leak-proof and made of safe BPA-free silicone. Plus the whole thing is dishwasher safe,
so it’s totally no effort to clean it.

(Though I don’t think you’d want to let old food get caked-on inside the
squeeze; not that I’d ever have anything like that happen to me.)

only issue, really, is that there is a pretty steep learning curve
because it’s tricky to get the purée out. But my three-year-old daughter
figured it out eventually, and my baby? Well, he’s working on it. But
anything that keeps him entertained is okay by me. –Stephanie

Find the Sili Squeeze snack dispenser online from The Silico

Stephanie S.

Stephanie Slate is an Ontario-based writer, crunchy mom, and celebrity stroller expert. And no, she does not say "eh."


  • Reply September 15, 2011


    Cool! Ever since boon made those spoons that you fill with baby food and squeeze, I’ve been hoping for something like this that I could put my kids yogurt in for the car.

  • Reply September 15, 2011


    So cool! I just ordered a set for my kids.

  • Reply September 19, 2011


    Finally! I was about to invent one of these myself. I knew there had to be an earth-friendly alternative to all those squeezy pouches that we consume! i’ll order some today1

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