Practical kids furniture or delicious eye candy? How about both?

I’ve been on a self-imposed no-new-furniture diet lately–we kind of either have to buy a new house or knock down a few walls at this point–so this brand-new line of gorgeous kids’ furniture is absolute eye candy. Which may turn to in-my-house candy if I’m not careful.
Cloud storage bench

Launching this very second on the invitation-only Fab today, Wadaly is the coolest blend of modern, high-end, and whimsical.

That’s uh, emphasis on high-end.

I’m seriously dying over the Cloud Bench, an amazing storage trunk with pop-out cloud drawers (shown) and the House Bookcase; but for little kids, the Crib + Changer, the bassinet that converts to a toy box, and the Toddler Bed + Changer, if your baby is already en route to big-kidville is ridiculously covetable. When she gets even older, that desk is gorgeous too.

wadaly bassinet and draweres

convertible bassinet | wadaly

children's desk by wadaly

of Wadaly’s pieces are mindfully made, with reclaimed wood, nontoxic
glues, and sustainable materials. Which means making your kids’ rooms
look good is also good for the world. And the economy, with prices like this.

Yes, I’m enabling myself here. But
really, can you blame me? -Lexi

Head to Fab to purchase Wadaly fab kids’ furniture while it lasts. Not a Fab member? Here, use our invitation link. After the sale, find it online at

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  • Reply September 14, 2011


    Really – $5,000 for a bench for a kid’s room? You are kidding. How long would the child want that piece? Granted it’s cute but for $5K I can decorate the whole room and have money left!

  • Reply September 14, 2011


    If you go to the Wadaly website, you’ll see that each piece is completely customizable – the customer chooses any color and any engraving. Fab didn’t have the capability to do this for the sale, but Wadaly will do it. Each piece is literally one of a kind.

  • Cool Mom Picks
    Reply September 14, 2011

    Cool Mom Picks

    Which makes them even more fabulous!

  • Reply September 15, 2011


    For 5 grand, they also need to come to my house, install it, and then give me a back rub and watch my kid for the evening. At a minimum.

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