We played lots of board games in my house growing up, and with a 4 year age difference, there were few my sister and I could both make it through without quitting. (We in fact have never completed a game of Monopoly to this day.) One of the few games we both loved however was Memory. And now there’s a gorgeous new version of it, that kids will love as much as their art fan parents.

I was fully down when got the chance to check out the new Modern Art Memory game from Ammo books. Already having nostalgic affection for Memory, I was 50% there. Then as an art appreciator, they got
me 100%.

It’s a wonderful introduction to art history here and a fun game to boot. The game pieces feature work by 36 different artists including Matisse, Van Gogh, Warhol, and Kandinsky. And while the instructions for Memory are still fairly simple, the makers also include helpful suggestions on creating simpler or more complex versions of the game depending on the ages of the kids playing. Like, say, mid-thirties?

Purchase the Modern Art Memory game and see more kid friendly offerings at ammobooks.com

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