It was a dark and stormy diaper…

The Writer OnesieAsk my mom, and she’ll tell you that she knew I was a writer from the moment I was born, or at least from the moment I started scrawling my first story on the wall in… um… nevermind.  

Too bad they didn’t have this onesie back then.

The utterly adorable The Writer Onesie is a
must-have for anyone who writes or reads or loves the written word or
just has a thing for old-fashioned typewriters. Whether you like the
gender-neutral yellow or the pink on pink, each organic cotton onesie by
All Good Living features a printed typewriter and a sheet of notebook
paper headed by “So my story begins.” Which is the very best way to
begin a story. 
It’s also the perfect shower
gift for your friend with the MFA and comes in three sizes from 3 months
to 18 months. And don’t worry if the Junior Jane Austen has a diaper
blow out– you can just tell people the story has a very crappy end. /rimshot. ~Delilah
the Writer Onesie online at Kitson.


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