Boots! Boots! B-O-O-T-S!

Kazowe Shoes“Made in China” isn’t necessarily a selling point these days. Unless you’re the founder of Kazowe Shoes. And you’ve designed and manufactured those adorable kids shoes and boots specifically so your own children, adopted from China, can retain some ties to their homeland.

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In addition to having a backstory that a mom like me wants to support,
the funky, stylish shoes from Kazowe, all adapted for Western
tastes from Eastern styles, are the kinds your kids will fall for hard.

The Kazowe
Fall Rider Boots
are the star of the collection–they merge wool
legwarmer and boot, for a totally cool fall look. In person the wool is
quite soft, and holds its shape nicely; no worries about it stretching
out before your kid has outgrown the shoe. Plus the sturdy rubber soles
leave a fun little alphabet print that I know would give my kids one
more reason to stomp around in the dirt. I’m super digging them in black
or red.

I’m also partial to the Cowboy-influenced Kazowe Winter
, especially in beige, with sensibly waterproof uppers and a
warm, fully lined inside; designer Gail Carruthers is a Canadian mom
after all. She’s looking out for our kids’ toes in the winter. I also
adore the two-toned red
and black mary jane
called Lily Pad, which I’m scared to show my
girls because I doubt they’d ever take them off.

Mamas of boys, you’re in luck too – the Bok
is rad (and under $35!) and the Jack
bridges that tricky line between sneaker and dress
shoe quite nicely.

Kazowee rider boots
Kazowe Lily Pad mary janes
kazowe Bok shoes for boys
Kazowe Winter Boots

Lots of moms have written to us over the last few months, asking about cool, affordable shoes for children now
that Vincent
has bit the dust. I think Kazowe is fitting the bill perfectly. –Liz

Find sturdy, affordable, adorable shoes for boys and girls
online at Kazowe Shoes.
And CMP readers can save 20% on orders with code CMP011. Enjoy!

Cool Mom Staff

We spend our time looking for cool stuff so you don't have to. Hope this one fits the bill.


  • Reply October 13, 2011

    ms. chan

    Sorry not understanding your point about these cute boots.
    Just how do these shoes made in china help adopted chinese kids retain ties to china? Do they gain more understanding of Chinese heritage and background by wearing shoes made from there?

  • Cool Mom Picks
    Reply October 13, 2011

    Cool Mom Picks

    Thanks for your comment. We thought the backstory behind the product was really sweet. Perhaps the designer can explain it better in her own words.

  • Reply October 14, 2011

    Denise Long

    My daughter Ainsley owned a pair of Kazowe boots. The quality is unsurpassed. They were the only boots she owned that still looked new even after she grew out of them!

  • Reply October 24, 2011


    These look great. Anybody got any comments whether they have arch support or are better suited to wide or narrow feet? I have four boys with wide feet and would LOVE to have them be both stylish and well supported. Sadly I have yet to achieve that goal!

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