You recycle, you upcycle…and now you can Hipcycle

Shop upcycled home goods at HipcycleThere is nothing that gets my inner MacGyver going more than upcycling. The creativity it takes to see something useful in a random everyday object–love it, not to mention the fact it can be an earth-friendlier way to shop. It totally explains my current bag of choice: it’s woven out of seatbelts and utterly indestructible, no matter how many leaking sippy cups are in it. It’s also the best conversation starter practically ever. 
So this brand-new upcycling site has got 100% of my attention.

The just-launched Hipcycle has
some of the coolest upcycled gear I’ve seen in a long time–all made in
the U.S. or via companies committed to Fair Trade Practices. A quick look and I spotted a folding basket made from chopsticks (hey, I remember those from Shark Tank!), a reclaimed wood planter, grain sack throw pillows that look right out of a shabby chic catalog, and a nice selection of picture frames.

Of course you won’t want to buy everything here, but all of it is creatively (and environmentally)

inspirational. The MacGyver in me wants to fashion a
matchbox into a credit card and buy everything I can. -Lexi

your home with the environmentally-conscious products on Hipcycle

Lexi Petronis is a freelance writer, blogger for, editor of Albuquerque Magazine, and former contributor to Cool Mom Picks

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  • Reply October 18, 2011

    Kim Vance

    Insanely cool!!! These would be PERFECT for my little boys rooms!!!

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