Two new mascaras to get excited about. (Yes, we get excited about mascara.)

Lash Control mascaraIf there’s one thing I can’t leave the house without, it’s mascara. When you’re a busy mom, it’s a quick way to feel “done” without having to spend an hour in front of a mirror in the morning. And I recently discovered two new mascaras, in two different price ranges. that have won precious real estate in my makeup bag.

My biggest annoyance when it comes to mascara is the excess goop
that inevitably always ends up on the wand. LashControl Mascara has
smartly rethought the tube by allowing you to scrape the wand clean and
regulate just how much product you get in the first place.

The tube itself
has a squeezable middle which is actually a wiper sleeve, so when you
give it a squeeze, it wipes the goop off the wand. Genius! LashControl
comes in two different black formulas (one is for
lengthening and conditioning which I loved, and the other is volumizing) and then
there’s a clear formula, which I used–and also really liked–on my brows.

other mascara making my lashes bat-worthy these days is the new Volum’
Express The Falsies from Maybelline
. Maybelline’s Great Lash
mascara is one of my all time fave beauty products, so whenever they
introduce a new mascara I’m always excited. This one is a great addition to your date night bag of cosmetics–it comes with a cool
flexible wand (they call it a “spoon brush”) that helps helps separate the
lashes while lengthening them, giving them the look of falsies.The bendable brush does
take some getting used to, but the results are definitely worth it.

Now that I’ve got my
lash wardrobe complete for the season, I guess I better start to think
about what I’ll be covering the rest of me with.  -Melissa

your lashes a lift with LashControl available from our affiliate Amazon and local boutiques for around $20.
For the month of October, $1 of every one sold will go to the Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation.

Volum’ Express Falsies
is available in drugstores or online from Maybelline for around $7.


Melissa Schweiger is a seasoned author, journalist, blogger and proud mom of two troublemaking boys.

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