Sibling Pride

Boys' Big Brother teeWhen new babies make their grand entrances, their bigger siblings can sometimes feel the shaft. It’s important to include them in welcoming the new addition–or, you can do what I did and have them so close together the older one doesn’t know what hit him. (Not recommended).

I am loving this Big

Brother tee from one of my favorite ever labels, City Threads. It’s got a super vintage collegiate style, makign it so much cooler than some of the goofy version out there. This one
says: “I rock. I’m proud. And it’s still all about me.”

on, my brother! –Eva

Brother tees
are available online at

Eva Glettner is a lover of street art and skateboarding, the blogger behind Skate Mamas, and a former contributor to Cool Mom Picks

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  • Reply October 22, 2011


    I love this sibling shirt. I have a 1 year old and I found a sibling shirt easily for her older sister but I could NOT find a sibling shirt for her older brother. He was 8 years old and didn’t want to be left out. At the time, the only sibling shirts I could find for boys were very babyish looking (not cool) and only went up to size 6. I ended up getting a T-shirt made for him. I noticed that these shirts go up to a size 12. Wish I had known about these shirts!

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