Going nuts for nuts

Oren's Kitchen macademia nutsThis is the time of year I start keeping some gourmet goodies in the pantry for unexpected holiday guests, or impromptu cocktail parties that spring from Wii tournaments on snowy Sundays. And ooh, I have a new favorite.

I discovered a sample of Coconut
Chili Macadamias
from Oren’s Kitchen in my Foodzie Tasting Box a month or so back, and
they are about the most delicious and addictive snack I’ve had in a long
time. They’re hand roasted, made with super top-notch ingredients, and
you can absolutely taste it. If you’ve got foodie company coming over
around the holidays, put these out, instead of boring old bridge mix.
I’m planning to keep a few packs in the pantry for that very thing.

You can also opt for slightly less adventurous but still delicious
combos like the fabulous Wild
Rosemary Almonds
; although I suppose that’s something you gourmet
moms could replicate to some degree. Not me though. I’m sticking with Oren. -Liz

Find amazing gourmet nut mixes from Oren’s Kitchen on Foodzie.

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