The perfect baby doll for your own growing baby.

corolle bebe amourPlease tell me I am not the only one with such nostalgia for some of our baby clothes, that I’ve saved them. The little peasant dress from Mexico, the smocked dress from a great-grandmother, the onesie with the swallow tattoos on the chest just like daddy has–I’m a sap for it all.

So when I learned that Corolle came out with a doll sized to wear actual baby clothes, I thought, genius!

What’s cool about the new Bebe
, is that she’s the same size as your average 3 month old
baby–20″ tall–which means she’s a great way to put those sentimental
stacks of newborn clothes to good use.

If you’re not familiar with Corolle, this French company simply makes
the best of the mass-produced baby dolls. My four year-old is obsessed
with her own, and I always recommend them to parents looking for great baby dolls. Not only are they
durable and beautifully constructed with faces that don’t scare you, the
the styling is always
appropriately childlike. (No belly shirts. Ahem.) Plus the plastic is pthalate-free.

She’ll cost you more than one of those awful all plastic baby dolls from
the big American companies, but definitely less than an American Girl
doll. Even less when you factor in accessories. After all, Bebe Amour’s
wardrobe is already paid for. –Liz

[edited] Find the Bebe
Amour from Corolle
at a great price from Barnes and Noble.

You can also find the 14″ doll from affiliate Amazon. Learn more at the US Corolle website

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  • Reply November 10, 2011

    Janet Kelley

    The link provided connects to a 14-inch doll, but your blog entry notes that 20 inches is a three-month-sized doll. Should I go for the 14-inch or the 20-inch to have it fit baby clothes? Thanks!

  • Cool Mom Picks
    Reply November 10, 2011

    Cool Mom Picks

    Thanks Janet. It now seems that Amazon is only showing the smaller doll, but it’s the 20″ doll that fits the clothes. You can get it directly through the Corolle site here

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