Best dollhouse for holiday gift – Reader Q&A

I was wondering if you could recommend a classic dollhouse for my two daughters’ Christmas gift? Would love any suggestions you have. Thank you!! -Amy

Ooh, dollhouses! One of our favorite things to look for, now that there are so many to choose from.

If you’re into modern, Plan Toys makes several lovely eco-friendly dollhouses. Our editor Liz’s girls adore their modern Plan Toys Chalet Dollhouse (above). It is made up of two units that can be repositioned so that your two girls can play simultaneously without getting in each others way, and the furniture sets are fairly sturdy and very cute. (Avail through our affiliate, Amazon and indie toy stores everywhere.)

Victorian Dollhouse

If you want something more traditional but with a huge whoa-factor, the Large Victorian Dollhouse Kit is made in the U.S. and comes ready-to-assemble. Based on the comments, it looks like a doable weekend project, and I can’t imagine any little girl not going totally bonkers over this 32″ tall dream house. (more available here too)

Hape Dollhouse

Bright and sunshiny, Hape’s Bamboo Sunshine Dollhouse has a real functioning solar panel that helps charge the LED lights. I love the curves of this modern house and check out that adorable spiral staircase!

Tag Toys dollhouse

For a more Waldorf-style house, I love how this four-story Tag Toys Dollhouse has a garage on the bottom floor for the family minivan (sold separately). Or, uh…the family hybrid electric car? It’s made in California which should make shipping this heavy piece a little less costly.

Magic Cabin dollhouse

Magic Cabin’s traditional Dollhouse has a cute outdoor patio space, and you have the option of buying the house, plus five sets of furniture for one combo price so it’s ready to go Christmas mroning.

DIY dollhouse

Finally, if you are in a DIY mood, you must see this gorgeous modern dollhouse that was renovated from a plain wooden house. The details are incredible!

You’ll find even more dollhouses in our archives.


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  • Reply November 18, 2011

    Mrs. Q.

    I was smitten with all the modern versions– until I saw the Victorian kit! That is insanely beautiful!!!

  • Reply November 18, 2011


    I love all things PlanToy, but we bought this dollhouse this year, and I love everything about it. And the PlanToy furniture fits inside.

  • Reply November 20, 2011


    We love the Guidecraft dollhouse. It’s victorian, yet since it’s completely unfinished wood and has circular steps, sort of modern. It’s designed for use in daycare situations so it’s pretty strong too. The Melissa and Doug doll house furniture fits into it nicely. (Grandparents and Aunt’s each bought a set as presents so the doll house was ready to use, and since there are plenty of rooms, my daughter saved up for additional sets of furniture. She loves it!

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