Children’s art that lives forever

Custom children's art keepsakesI’m one of those mothers that’s a professional organizer’s nightmare. I can hardly bear to part with a single one of my girls’ drawings, whether it’s a 3-D art class project, or a scribble on a napkin. So I always love ways to turn kids’ creations into more formal keepsake pieces, helping to validate my love of all that delicious early artwork.

Chooch Magooz is a shop providing those very services, and from what I can tell, what
she does with personalized
childrens artwork
is just gorgeous. Scan your child’s work into a
jpg file and she’ll recreate it in white embroidery thread on black.
Pretty striking.  Or for a more a more complex piece, she can do it in full
color in a larger embroidery hoop
even adding detail like fabric or butons.

chooch magoozWhat a smart gift for a grandparent, or to hang on Mommy or
Daddy’s office wall. Or even just for your own child so they know how much
you value that very perfect drawing of a pickle that actually did look like a pickle.

The prices are amazingly good–about $27-32 US (she ships from Spain).
The one catch: You have to order by 11/28 to make a Christmas delivery.
Go for it. –Liz

Find personalized

childrens artwork turned into keepsake art online from Etsy’s
Chooch Magooz.

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