4 modern nativity sets, not one of which lights up

Little Alouette Nativity SetThough my religious affiliation can best be summed up with a long puzzled silence, there are certain things from my youth that I carry with me to this day, like praying when the plane jets down the runway, and setting up the nativity scene before Christmas.

Our nativity set is a bit battered though, so I’ve been on the lookout for something a bit more contemporary to add to our decor this holiday season. Here, a few beautiful (and sometimes pretty funky) sets that may fit into your holiday as well. –Christina

As a long time fan of the wooden teething toys from Little Alouette, I especially love the clean lines and simple shapes in her Modern Nativity Set. But before you think a baby is supposed to gum on Joseph, please note that this is not a teething toy but a real nativity set for less toothy play and also for display. ($75)

Bunny with a tool belt nativity

Entirely made of used and scrap wood and found objects, the Nativity Set from Bunny With a Tool Belt is most definitely meant to be displayed on a high shelf. Abstract but making total sense, I love all the details from the angel’s little wing, the wise men’s gifts, and the tiny baby Jesus lying in his bed.This is a one-of-a-kind work of art for one very fortunate family. ($300)

Alessi nativity

Bright and cartoony, Alessi’s Presepe Nativity Set conveys all of the joy of the season in the baby’s happy uplifted hands. I can’t imagine not smiling every time I see Mary’s big heart and Joseph’s contended expression. (on sale for $130 at our affiliate Amazon)

Nativity finger puppets

Finally, though not a traditional nativity set, I couldn’t resist sharing the adorably knit Nativity Finger Puppets from CMP favorite WeeKnits. The ten little puppets would make such a great stocking stuffer, or, perhaps take them out at that extra long Christmas service when the kids are starting to get antsy.  ($23)

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