Celebrity designed holiday cards that give back. And they’re actually nice!

Celebrity designer holiday cards from Tiny PrintsOK, so you’ve probably never wondered what a holiday card designed by Jennifer Aniston or Zoe Saldana would look like, but here’s a hint: They’re stylish. Stylish enough that it surprised us. And stylish enough that they are carried by paper goods powerhouse Tiny Prints this holiday, and come with a fabulous charitable component too. 

You are familiar with Tiny
, aren’t you? They brought hip back to cute paper goods, and
this celebrity-designed
line of cards
 is no exception.

The irony (and I mean
this in a good way) is that these celebrities have come together to
raise funds for a disease you’ve probably never heard of: Epidermolysis
Bullosa, a painful genetic skin disorder that threatens the lives of
100,000 Americans. 
One of my favorites – the card featured on this
post was designed by none other than Jennifer Aniston. Can you believe it? –Roxanna

out the celebrity-designed
holiday cards
 designed by Bridget Moynahan, Catherine Bell,
Eva Longoria and Zoe Saldana at Tiny Prints,
and consider doing good while spreading holiday cheer. 

Roxanna Sarmiento is the blogger behind the lifestyle blog Everyday Treats, and a former contributor to Cool Mom Picks.

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