Stuffed toys for kids with asthma? – Reader Q&A

Stuffed toys for kids with asthma: Elks & Angels plushMy twin 9-month-old daughters were just diagnosed with asthma (and) I’m having a really hard time finding hypoallergenic stuffed animals. Do you have any ideas or tips? Thanks! -Heidi

As a fellow asthmatic, I totally understand the need to keep the amount of dust down, and so I’d love to help you find some safe toys your kids will love.

Sheepskin Cuddle Bear by Elks & Angels

Elks and Angels Cuddle Bear is 12″ of soft sheepskin. I love that the material is naturally resistant to bacteria, dirt and odor and is so fluffy, it doesn’t need stuffing to be huggable–something that cuts way down on places for dust mites to hide. The Cuddle Bear comes in three different shades, so you can get different colors for each twin. And, hey, Oprah loves it!

Apple Park hypoallergenic toys - hand puppets

Apple Park makes a huge line of organic toys that are hypoallergenic and adorable. I love their hand puppets which are super soft but have less filling. Unless your hand is in them.

Kids Preferred Monkey

Kids Preferred isn’t a smaller independent company, but they make a bunch of asthma-friendly plush toys at a good price. I like the simplicity and sweetness of their Buddy Bears and Floppy Monkey which can go right into the washing machine when it needs a cleaning.

Along with purchasing hypoallergenic toys, this article from The Asthma Mom
has some good tips, especially since you may find relatives and
friends giving your girls stuffed animals at almost every occasion.

Happy Holidays! Christina


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  • Reply December 13, 2011


    I am also asthmatic, diagnosed as a child. My hint to you is to find stuffed animals that can stand up to repeated hot washes. In order to keep the stuffed items free of dust mites, you must wash them once a week in hot water. (Along with sheets, blankets, etc, and I’m sure your doctor already talked to you about encasing the mattresses in dust mite proof casing.)

  • Reply December 13, 2011


    I adore the kids preferred products. They are great quality

  • Reply January 12, 2016

    A. L Rice

    Alpaca products are considered hypoallergenic since they contain no oils or lanolin. Blankets and stuffed animals, sweaters, etc.

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