Month: February 2011

Spit That Out!

I’m not the Most Neurotic Mom in the World, but some days I feel I’d make it to First Runner Up, ready to step in, should she be unable to fulfill her duties. I work hard to give my children a healthy, positive, eco-friendly environment, and that means worrying — a lot — about  my choices.  Spit That Out!: The Overly Informed Parent’s Guide to Raising Children in the Age of Environmental Guilt by Paige Wolf, is a helpful book for worrier mommas like me — and you perhaps? — and all of our sisters in worry. Wolf has...

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Web Coolness – Valentines printables, Chinese New Year crafts, and cold weather fun

Here are some things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you will too. Are you a Cool Mom Picks newsletter subscriber yet? This is a pretty awesome month to sign up. On Momformation, Liz is sharing printable Valentine’s cards to help you save money like the one shown here from Piggybank Parties. Have you checked out our fancypants Valentine’s Gift Guide on AHAlife? A year of the rabbit printable craft project at AlphaMom. Kelcey Kintner shares activities to keep kids busy inside on cold days. Which is all of them, lately. You crafty types will...

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I had to say I love you with an Etch-a-Sketch

I like giving my kids something cute for Valentine’s Day, but how many teddy bears with hearts can a child own? This Etch A Sketch t-shirt however, had me at  I love you. The tee is perfect for Valentine’s Day and all year round–I’m such a sucker for cool, unique kids t-shirts and this fits the bill. Each Etch A Sketch t-shirt is hand screen printed with eco-friendly ink on a variety of colored t-shirts and in baby to big kid sizes. It’s a great gift for birthdays, too. Add a real Etch A Sketch and you’ve got yourself...

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What’s up, doc? Baby gifts for the Year of the Rabbit.

Today starts the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac, and after last year’s “Year of the Tiger”, I’m more than ready to settle down with something a little more cuddly and sweet. This means our kids will roar less, right? To commemorate the start of the year 4709, I’ve dug up a bunch of adorable Chinese New Year gifts for the little bunny in your life — or any that may hop your way before the year is done. -Christina Gotta love the little buck teeth on Colette Kids’ Beta Bunny Onesie (at top), and the bright red color...

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An organic remedy for little chapped lips

The harsh, dry winter weather has not been nice to my toddler son’s skin. He has red, rough patches of skin on his face and his tiny lips are all chapped (sad face). I had been afraid to put any ointment on his lips until I discovered Erbaviva’s Organic Baby Lip & Cheek Balm. All products from both of the Erbaviva lines–Mommy-to-Be and Baby–are certified USDA organic and free of harsh detergents, chemical fragrances and unhealthy additives. The Organic Baby Lip & Cheek Balm, made with soothing chamomile and healing rosemary extracts, helped my son’s cracked skin disappear in...

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Presenting a Valentine’s Day gift guide from Cool Mom Picks and AHAlife

We fell in love with AHAlife the second we discovered them. This website’s beautiful collection of high-end gifts and goodies curated by the likes of Tim Gunn, Tina Brown, and Nina Griscom definitely appeals to our inner design snobs. So we were tickled when they asked us to put curate our own Valentine’s Gift guide on their site. We’ve chosen ten remarkable, romantic gifts for men and women from their collection, ranging in price from “ooh, I hope I get one of those!” to “If I only had a spare $800 lying around…” Pictured here: the gourmet food baskets...

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The Valentine’s gift that made me go Wow.

I love the Valentine’s cards my husband picks out for me each year. Truly, I save each and every one of them. But wouldn’t it be amazing if you got a personalized piece of hand-painted art to hang on your wall and enjoy it year after year? If you said yes, well then I’d have to agree. Check out these exquisitely personalized Heart Portrait Prints from Rifle Paper Co. The artist makes them complete with illustrations of you and your sweetheart, and a little banner featuring your hand-lettered names. Although it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day it doesn’t scream it,...

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Nickelodeon Squeezers: Partly we’re saying “yay!” Partly we’re saying “oy.”

Today, my daughter’s best friend Dora the Explorer gave her a delicious, healthy snack. Yup. I played that card. And I am not nearly ashamed as I probably should be, considering the snack was 100% apple sauce with no added sugar. Nickelodeon Squeezers from Nature’s Child was our first time venturing into the exciting world of squeezable food at all. My one-year-old handled it beautifully and my three-year-old smiled wickedly at me, thinking she was eating something bad for her and getting away with it. They’ve got two flavors available: Dora hawking apple puree, and SpongeBob shilling for berry...

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Valentine’s Day shirts even a boy (and his mama) could love

Even with two older sisters who keep him well in touch with his feminine side, it didn’t take long before my son had decided pink was a “girl” color and that his sweet puppy tees should be traded for race cars and dinosaurs. But he still loves Valentine’s Day for all the candy and cards he gets, so I have been thinking about getting him a shirt to go along with the occasion.  Check out the cool boy tees we found—they’d look sweet on any boy this Valentine’s Day, but not too sweet. Who’s your favorite girl? I’m pretty...

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Temporary tattoos get artsy

Great art is beautiful, interesting, well-crafted, and has staying power. Surprise! That also describes these cool new temporary tattoos by one of CMP’s favorite designers. Our old pals at Wee Gallery have found a fantastic new way to pepper the world with their adorable, stylish art. It’s on your kid, thanks to these sweet new temporary tattoos. What used to be just a fun little extra included with purchases from the shop is now available in four-packs of three designs, each drawn in the whimsical style that makes Wee Gallery so unique. We gave the sweet faux ink a...

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West Elm jumps on the indie artist train.

I love having a West Elm right in my hood. It’s always a fun source of home inspiration for me, and I like quite a lot of their accessories–even if some of their wood furniture gets beat up in like two seconds if you have kids. What I was particularly excited to see was the shop taking the Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie route by including more fun small housewares and accessories, and embarking on some super cool collaborations with small brands and artists. Like a whole table devoted to CMP fave Lotta Jansdotter, including these beautiful soy wax candles; though unfortunately...

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More snow predicted. Retail therapy needed!

I don’t know about you, but the past couple of snowy weeks have been kind of blah. No, not kind of blah. Very blah. My two kids have been home with colds and I can’t think of the last time I got to do something all for me. A little retail therapy is in order here. Lucky for me (and for all of us), we’ve found a doozie of a sale from one of our favorite jewelry and accessory shops. [don’t miss a super sale offer after the jump!] No stranger to the pages of CMP, Polli is discounting...

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