Month: April 2011

New reasons to love Soft Clothing for spring

I rarely buy clothes for my oldest daughter online because she is so very picky about what she lets touch her skin. Tight cuffs, buttons, care labels, embroidered designs, zippers…the list on “no’s” goes on and on and on. But last year, I ordered some things from Soft Clothing based on the recommendation I read here and was so very pleased that nothing had to be returned. And with their new spring styles, I have even more choices to get us ready for warmer weather.  {keep reading for a great giveaway!} Primarily created for kids with Sensory Processing Disorder,...

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Brady Rymer’s new CD celebrates differently-abled children. And it rocks.

If you know a child on the autistic spectrum, you know how special they are and maybe even some of their personal day-to-day struggles. It seems fitting that on World Autism Awareness Day, I let you know of this soon-to-be-released CD from CMP favorite (and Grammy nominee) Brady Rymer with lyrics that will touch your family and point out so many ways kids with autism aren’t all that very different from any other kids you know. Oh, and the music is awesome too. {keep reading for a chance to win this new CD} This is a project Rymer took...

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Heartsy – like Etsy and Groupon had a thousand adorable babies and then I went broke

I’ve got one word for you: Heartsy. Oh, and a few more words: Etsy, like Groupon, and huge discounts on awesome handmade stuff. Sold, right? It’s called Heartsy, and you get the picture. You give Heartsy your email. Every day, they send you one outrageously deep deal on handmade stuff from an Etsy artist. If you like what you see, you buy the deal. And then you spend all day long ogling, choosing, and putting things into and out of your shopping cart with glee, finally using your voucher to buy the pretties. Right this moment, deals include 60%...

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A green dishwasher in shining stainless steel

With such limited kitchen space in New York. we need our kitchen appliances sleek, streamlined and pretty. (And our apartment resellable!) So when my terrible dishwasher went on the fritz after a 30 year run, I kind of freaked. On Twitter. And the folks from Kenmore Appliances were there to rescue me. I will be honest, Sears is not the first place that comes to mind when I think of gorgeous modern kitchen appliances. But gorgeous and modern they are, now keeping up with the high-end brands like Bosch and Miele, only often for a lot less cashola and...

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Breast Milk Popsicles – Surprisingly, not bad at all.

Now that spring is here, a kid’s (and uh, a mom’s) fancy turns to ice cream–arguably our favorite of all the food groups. We consider ourselves ice cream connoisseurs around here, but I have to say, I was surprised to try a brand new ice cream made from, of all things, breast milk. Mother’s Milk Pops are a family effort in more ways than one. They’re the creation of mom Janis, a lactation consultant, and her husband, Leif, a pastry chef in Berkeley, California. When her children had finally weaned after four years (wow!) they had so much remaining...

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Web coolness – heart-y eggs, baby shower gifts for moms, spring cleaning your computer

Here are some things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you will too.   Something special for Easter – A tutorial for heart-shaped boiled eggs (via leel, rebecca) Kristen shares 3 great baby shower gifts just for moms. Like! 5 ways to spring clean your computer on Cool Mom Tech. Want to laugh? Check out the post on this new humor site about¬†trademarking your baby name. (Psst…Allegra is already taken.) We admire one mom’s grassroots attempt to take on use of the word “retarded” through social media. For Autism Awareness Month, PBS Newshour will air...

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