A nursery that smells like…well, not the diaper pail.

Kiddo Stink Away SprayMy 8-month-old son’s nursery really stinks. He’s very prolific in the poop department, which means a Diaper Dekkor full of smelly diapers. Thankfully, I discovered a new spray that literally spritzes the stink away without icky chemicals.

The spray is aptly called Kiddo
Stink Away Spray
and it’s from the toxin-free, aromatherapeutic
skincare line Hellomellow which we fell in love with a couple years back.

I’ve been spritzing it after every diaper change and it really works.
My son’s room now smells like a delicious mix of essential oils rather
than a public restroom. Nice way to start the new year.  -Melissa

Find the new Kiddo

Stink Away Spray at Hellomellow.com.
If you’re looking for room spray for the rest of the house, check out the new Joy scented products which are available through the end of January. A percentage of proceeds goes to Helen’s Room, a support center for
women undergoing treatment for cancer.


Melissa Schweiger is a seasoned author, journalist, blogger and proud mom of two troublemaking boys.

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  • Reply January 19, 2012


    Also, what may help is not having a “diaper pail”. I find these things completely useless.

    The bottom line is that NOTHING can conceal the smell of 15 dirty diapers…no matter how fancy. You’ll do just as well putting the diaper in a garbage bag and making sure to toss it out everyday.

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