This sheep rocks!

Rocking sheepMy kids inherited a rocking horse that’s all bells and whistles–it whinnies, neighs, clip-clops, and plays some sort of country song. I’m pretty sure it says “yeehaw,” too, which doesn’t really make sense.

It’s too much, even for them. Who wants to rock on something that shrieks and beeps the whole time?

If you ask me, this Rocking Sheep by Bright Spark Design is
the ideal rocker. Inspired by a Danish design, it’s handmade with Baltic
birch plywood, reclaimed scrap wood, and real sheepskin. Plus, every one
is test-ridden by the designer’s own 18-month-old daughter before it’s
deemed acceptable.
Beautiful, classic–and blissfully free of bells and whistles. Yeehaw! -Lexi

Check out the gorgeous Rocking Sheep by Etsy’s Bright Spark Design.

Lexi Petronis is a freelance writer, blogger for, editor of Albuquerque Magazine, and former contributor to Cool Mom Picks

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  • Reply January 25, 2012


    I think we have the same horse. It’s really easy to take the batteries out, and then you have a *much* nicer toy.

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