A bicycle built for a little one.

Handmade baby blanket Dandelion BabyMy 5-year old son’s now security blanket is a handmade one we featured here on Cool Mom Picks awhile back. Cool how that happens. So when I saw these beautiful baby blankets at Dandelion Baby, I imagined that they could easily become a favorite for one of your lucky kiddos too.

Handmade to order by mom-of-3 Nicole Brown, these lovely blankets
combine two of my favorite fabrics: modern cotton prints and a soft
plush underside. I’m loving the gender-neutral styles, like the hip bicycle
print blanket
(pictured), but I’m also taken by the sweet lime giraffes. Admittedly I’m not a fan of the large-ish label (and font) sewn onto the blanket, but hey, it doesn’t make
a bit of difference to babies who can’t read anyway (ha).

Take my advice: if your little one loves his blanket anything like
my son loves his, you might want to consider going back to buy a second one while you can. Otherwise
you’ll be like me, trying desperately to salvage what I can of my son’s
handmade one-of-a-kind lovey. -Kristen

You can purchase cool handmade baby blankets at Dandelion Baby on Etsy.

Cool Mom Staff

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